Topaz & Garnet Necklace

Shawn Bluejacket


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This gifted jeweler spent her childhood years all over the world, especially in New Zealand, and incorporates stones that are uncommon in Native jewelry, and styles that reflect her own, feminine sensibility. She is a Shawnee, and her lovely work is instantly recognizable.

Delicate, and sweetly old-fashioned in feel, this necklace features a lacy pendant of silver that is adorned with a rare kind of garnet.

Hessonite is known by its warm, honey-brown color and clarity. It is sometimes called “Cinnamon stone”.

Color and transparency contrast beautifully with the icy solidity of sterling silver.

Tiny, faceted garnets dangle prettily from fragile-seeming silver loops. A large, irregularly diamond-shaped garnet centers the pendant, surrounded by four boxed squares of textured and chiseled silver.

The faceted stone is hand cut, and rises high above its setting. Even the bail is coordinated: satin-finished and lightly textured silver, like the little boxes, it is adorned with tiny, raised silver dots, echoing the silver loops.

Each of the squares is incised with a different design, that appear and disappear with changes in the light. Even on the reverse, each little boxed square is incised with a heart or hearts, as well as the year and the artist’s signature.

In Native culture, a symmetrical cross symbolizes the four geographical directions.. Here, it is beauty that is meant to spread to the four corners of the earth.

With lovely echoes of Victorian and Edwardian times, this ultra-ladylike pendant will delight ladies of all ages.

Wear it with shirts, sweaters, blouses and dresses; daytimes and night times, out and about, or out for the evening.

This enchanting piece will draw oohs and aahs of admiration and envy.

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