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A major award-winner for his paintings, this artist has a Master of Fine Arts degree, as well ad recognition as an “artist to Watch”, according to a national magazine. Using a hand cut piece of cottonwood as his canvas, he has painted a vibrant contemporary work that is sculpture, fetish and painting, all at once.The theme is the unity of all things, and the balance of nature. This will result in good health and happiness. The piece faintly resembles a Yei, a Navajo spirit. On one side of the face, zig-zag lines represent water in streams; parallel lines symbolize rainfall. On the other side, fiery russet triangles symbolize the land, with more dots (raindrops) and wavy lines.The body of the piece is painted a sprightly, light green, the hue of new grass and leaves. Various figures and symbols are painted in pale, sunny yellow. You can see a crescent moon, as well as vaguely humanoid figures. The combination of water symbols, sun and land hues, and petroglyph-like figures, suggests that the natural feathers on the top are meant to carry prayers and hope for the total blending of all creatures, and the ideal balance of nature. Even the feathers are a balanced mix: parrots, pheasant, exotic fowl, and a peacock feather, too!Bright, cheery colors, and a balanced composition of forms and hues, express not only a traditional message, but create a contemporary work of art. Beautiful on its own; terrific in a grouping of art. Lift your spirits all year long.

Cottonwood, Acrylics, Natural Feathers

Width: 4″ Height: 16″