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Titanium Finish Glass Pot


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When you are truly talented, you can do everything well, it seems. This award-winning stone sculptor, jeweler and musician is now creating beautiful glass ollas. This gorgeous one is a knock-out. A-swirl with dramatic rainbow colors and slashes of black, this pot is as gorgeously dramatic as a peacock. Deep, rich magentas, blues and greens are highlighted with bright flashes of yellow and lighter greens and blues, all with a metallic luster. The palette is that of a rainbow against a stormy sky. Etched or applied, black designs represent watery symbols: rain clouds, lightning, wind, rivers – all very good luck. Despite the traditional underpinnings and decoration, this olla remains a gorgeous example of contemporary Native art, by a foremost young award-winner whose gifts transcend genres.


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5" high x 9" diameter