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Tiny Dinosaur (Rooster)


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Daryl Begaye is a lover of nature and wildlife. This beautiful painting is both colorful and as lively as the subject, a rooster.

In Daryl’s words, “I just felt like painting a rooster!”

There is no special meaning behind this bird, though it does showcase Daryl’s usage of color theory, which he visits often in his paintings, especially when formulating the background.

Daryl has filled the background space with an impressive array of textures, colors, patterns, and petroglyph symbolism, including the journey or pathway through life and quite a few stars.

These techniques blend together to lend a sort of “faraway galaxy” kind of feel to an otherwise tame subject.

The rooster itself is closer to realism in its qualities, especially in the colors and form of the bird. It certainly stands out against the “galaxial” background, meant to showcase the subject while still adding something of its own to the entire composition.

The frame is built by the artist, as with most of his pieces, and he shares this skill with other artists who need uniquely shaped and sized frames for their works of art.

According to Daryl Begaye, “My main motivation…is to test the boundaries of my skills, always on a quest to acquire new skills and techniques. In the end, my goal is to leave the viewer in amazement, questioning whether what they saw is even possible.”

A spectacular piece by an artist who truly enjoys sharing his unique vision, this will be a one-of-a-kind addition to your collection and bring a little happiness to your home or office!

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17 3/4"


21 3/4"


Acrylic Paint, Canvas, Wood Frame