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Tiger Iron Stone Pendant


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One of several jewelers who have gone far beyond the usual lapidary work that once characterized Zuni jewelry, Carlton works hard to create small sculptures that can be worn.

This wonderful piece is an example: a variety of textures and shapes that all work together.

The cool palette of the silver sets off the earthy, ruddy tones of the tiger iron stone.

This handsome and unusual stone is composed of stripes of tiger’s eye, red jasper and black hematite.

The silver spiral across the top, symbolizing water, the source of life, is polished to a brilliant sheen; the markings and hues of the stone itself suggests layered rocks.

Around the bottom, a stepped rain design continues the good-luck, watery theme.

There is a balance of earth and water, brights and darks, curves and straight lines, setting off the dramatic stone in a marvelous composition.

The result? A strikingly contemporary look that is rooted in the past.

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Sterling Silver, Tiger Iron Stone


2 3/8" H x 2 1/2" W