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Tiger Agate Dangles


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Blondes, redheads and light brownies rejoice! These earrings are meant for you.

Traditional stones in Native jewelry rarely include the warm tones that set off your coloring, but this celebrated jeweler has aced it with these fascinating pieces of banded agate.

And then, his creative design made them exceptional.

Glittering and gleaming with all the tawny allure of a tiger’s beautiful coat, the luminescent stones range from pale gold to warm brown, as the light hits them.

Entrancing on its own, the beauty of the agate has been cut and set in a novel way: the earrings are related, but not identical.

Both dangles are long, graceful triangles, but they are reversed, in each earring.

Similarly, the tops are both squares, but one has turned on edge and become a diamond shape, with a wavy dotted silver border, different from the other, plainer square.

The silver work below is similar and compatible, but also different.

The square-topped dangle is framed in silver scallops, punctuated with a dot in each one; the diamond-topped dangle has similar scallops and dots on one side, but three larger, open waves on the other.

Both earrings have flirty silver rings at the bottom – but not in the same position!

Slightly different, but equally stunning, these are the work of a major, internationally acclaimed talent.

Lyndon pushes the envelope, but keeps it within bounds, for a stunning, glowing result.  And one that is amazingly accessible, too!

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Banded Agate, Sterling Silver