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Tiered Deer Pot


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Considered among the finest award-winning potters working, this husband and wife collaborate on large, flawless ollas, traditional in design and technique. Joseph forms the pots; Barbara decorates them. They often look through reference books for unusual but historic patterns.The clay is always dug and mixed by hand, aged for at least 6 months, hand coiled, smoothed, and burnished, painted with natural colors and dried for a further few months before firing in a hand-dug pit. The result is always breathtaking in form, design and execution.The horizontal divisions on this majestic olla anchor a balanced series of circular and triangular shapes. The traditional deer motif is separated by a row of perky looking birds, which looks like it bisects the large circles containing the deer. The neck is decorated with graceful curlicues and butterfly shapes, which are echoed in elements on each tier. Polychrome circles adorn the other two sides.This is an impeccable example of this justly famous duo’s superb talent.

Natural Handmade Clay and Pigments

10 1/2″ H x 10″ D