Three-Tier Mimbres Pot


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This  burly man, with correspondingly large hands, is nationally renowned for his micro-miniature pots.

He combs reference books for historic pots in museum collections and reproduces them exactly in doll-house sizes.

His whole display for Santa Fe Indian Market, and other shows, fits into a cigar box!

The wonderful execution of his pieces, and the fine detail, is seen in this triple-tiered, pre-historic Mimbres pot.

Just look at the opulent, hourglass curves visible in Photo 2, the side view! Each olla has a different design painted on it, with one or two fibers of a brush.

The snow-white clay and brown/black pigment are both absolutely, authentically hand made, and natural.

His pots are pit fired, just like the full-size originals.

This is harder to create, but a lot easier to display!



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