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Three Strand Turquoise, Gold, and Coral Necklace


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Mary is the widow of Eddie  Aguilar, who created wonderful, boxed silver heishi necklaces. Her work is in her own, feminine and flattering style.

Here, bright and cheery little nuggets of turquoise, in many tones, mix it up with stumpy cylinders of red spiny oyster shell and natural red coral, with a variety of gold beads, for gleaming warm accents. Gold cones finish the piece, adding beauty, glitter and warmth to the back, too.

The pretty color scheme is like a Spring garden, under a sunny sky. It will go happily with a wide variety of other colors in your wardrobe, from light neutrals to lovely pastels and rich, dark shades. The shorter, choker length lets it fill in the necklines of shirts, collarless tops, and much more.

Bring Spring into your life all year long, with this lovely necklace. It is like a garden of delights.


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14k Gold, Coral, Shell, Spiny Oyster Shell, Turquoise


18" long