Three-Strand Turquoise Disk Necklace

Kenneth Aguilar



Kewa Pueblo (formerly Santo Domingo) has been known for cutting stones into disks (heishi) for centuries. Kenneth Aguilar has been known for his dramatic heishi necklaces for decades.

A master of the mix, he often uses materials in dazzling color combinations, but this equally striking necklace is all one stone: stabilized turquoise, possibly Royston.

The turquoise is stabilized, i.e., hardened, so it could be cut and polished without crumbling.

It is real turquoise, merely not as hard as some, so permeated with polyurethane, like a gym floor, to withstand hard use.

Beautifully graduated disks are separated by minuscule beads of baby olive shell, at the bottom of each strand.

This “Slinky” effect adds texture and variety to the closely packed disks in the rest of the piece.

Naturally occurring toasty matrix, in the turquoise, creates wonderful variations from disk to disk, animating the piece.

Even with only one stone, this popular artist has managed to make the necklace lively, with a symphony of mellow greens and golden browns.

It will complement reds, oranges, purples, and yellows, as well as navy, brown, beige, black and white. Any other colors? They will also look wonderful with this lovely, earthy swoop.

The length can be modified, from 18 inches to about 20 inches, for further versatility.

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