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Three-Strand Silver & Clamshell Heishi


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Heishi – strands of stone and shell tubes – are among the earliest forms of Southwestern Indian jewelry, perfected primarily by the Pueblos along the Rio Grande river.

Santo Domingo has long been known as the heishi center, and the Rosetta family as leading heishi makers.

Both labor-intensive and material-intensive ( there is a pile of debris for every shell bead ) the end result is both elegant and casual and can be worn with everything, day and night, by men as well as women.

This delicate three-strand necklace is an enchanting, contemporary creation.

A medley of silver and polished white clamshell, the individual beads are tiny, creating a slender, dainty circle of flashing light.

The milky clamshell heishi are slightly thicker than the hand-drawn silver, which gives the piece an interesting silhouette.

The subtle difference in texture, between the sparkling silver and the pearly white clamshell, is another important design feature.

Angelic on its own, this necklace is fine enough to serve as a chain for pendants, too. It also works beautifully with other necklaces of varying lengths.

It can be worn twisted, as shown, or left more relaxed and draped.

Any way you choose, this is a multipurpose, versatile piece that looks like trapped moonlight, reflecting the twinkle of stars.

Simply lovely!


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Natural Clamshell, Sterling Silver


18" L