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Three-Strand Jade Necklace


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A member of the Hopi Badger/ Butterfly clan, the artist is the nephew of famous carver Wilmer Kaye, son of noted jeweler Sherian Honhongva, and grandnephew of that magisterial jeweler, the late Charles Loloma. Marlin himself has a fine reputation as both a kachina carver and jeweler, unsurprisingly, with that genetic background!Three strands of rich green jade beads are accented with bright shards of natural red coral, like a sprinkling of vibrant autumn leaves among the green of the forest. These bits of vivid coral complement the deep green of the jade. Also, the coral’s spiky forms contrast with the smooth rounds of the beads, adding perky liveliness to the necklace.Unexpectedly, a few disks of softer green turquoise are set to the side of one of the strands. Not only do these lighter-hued beads add a subtle lift to the dark necklace, they are a sort of signature for the artist. Wearing this handsome and comfortable necklace is a chic and tasteful way to celebrate the Christmas season, but it looks just as fabulous all year long. Famous artist, beautiful, uber-wearable necklace – and at a reasonable price, too.

Sterling Silver, Natural Jade and Coral, Turquoise

Length: 22″