Three-Level Overlaid Dangles


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Raynard Scott is known, and collected, for his precise and exacting silverwork and impeccable design aesthetic.

These beautiful earrings are a lovely example of both his skill and his artistry, incorporating three separate layers of overlaid silver.

Dangling from perfectly formed and polished half-dome tops, organically shaped dangles are decorated with a lyrical, swirling design.

The bottom layer has a super-fine texture, very like a tufa cast piece. Extremely fine silver dust created that effect.

Above that, the second layer’s sinuous curves were textured with coarser silver dust. The elevated texture adds more dimensionality.

Finally, the top layer consists of arabesques of smooth, highly polished, brilliantly gleaming, plain silver.

The contrast between the three types of texture and depths is striking but subtle.

The plain, polished tops are round, and complete an integrated design of curves, as well as harmonizing with the polished top layer of the dangles.

Above all, the design is gorgeously graceful and full of elegant motion, executed to perfection.

Brightly gleaming, as the flashing dangles catch the light with their movement, these earrings are flattering and just as beautiful with casual tops as with business or party wear.

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