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Three-Dimensional Circle Link Bracelet


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This super-star, fashion-forward, young jeweler (the 3rd generation of his family to innovate and to be included in museum collections) continues playing with color and forms in this gorgeous bracelet. Each circular link is a three-dimensional painting in itself, with different arrangements of opulent colors and varied shapes. The artist’s interest in creating wearable art hits the target in this fabulous piece.Using a variety of traditional and “new” stones and shells, each round link is a work of art, and no two are alike. Colors range from densely saturated royal blue and rich red to lighter hues – even one snowy, subtly sparkly opal – in a carefully curated range. Notice that the silver link that covers the clasp is just as wonderfully decorative as the rest of the piece, even though it is silver, without stones. The close-up photos reveal the incredible artistry and skill involved in each link. Each link was separately and lovingly fabricated by hand; the stones individually cut by hand, as well. The effect is stunning. Dylan’s characteristic wit and sense of fun is obvious in this lightheartedly serious piece. Unique, casually elegant and impeccably fabricated, this is a bracelet of museum-quality that you can wear just about every day. Revel in its beauty and comfort, and the compliments that will shower down on you.

Sterling Silver, Natural: Spiny Oyster Shell, Red Coral, Polish Amber, Spider Web Turquoise, Fox Turquoise, New Landers Variscite, Lapis, Australian Opal, Gem Silica, Chrysoprase, Royston Turquoise, Damale Turquoise