Three-Dimensional Abstract Bolo


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Like her brother, Franklin Carrillo, this gifted jeweler brings her own creative style to her art.

Her output is extremely limited so we are delighted to get a new piece – especially as wonderful as this bolo.

Composed of geometric shapes, this bolo is outstanding, partly because the design is also outstanding… literally.

Overlaid sterling silver becomes a wearable sculpture when there are elements that stand up, boldly, from the surface designs.

Brilliantly polished silver is overlaid on a softly darkened, and lightly textured background.

With angular forms and a curlicue shape bisecting the center, the overlaid silver designs create a pattern full of movement and energy, as in a windy rainstorm.

Set over some of these elements is a series of boxed triangles that are raised about 1/8″ higher.

They vary in size, and point in different directions, which intensifies the feeling of turbulent movement.

Each triangle is also textured, on top, with parallel lines like rainfall.

Gleaming polish, texture, rushing angular forms, and a calmer, horizontal curve in the center, create an exceptional, abstract sculpture.

Since Amber is mega-talented, but not a diva, the price will happily surprise you.

Be bold, and enjoy this remarkable, 21st-century bolo.


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Bolo is 3" L x 2" W | Cord is 42" L | Tips are 2 1/8" L


Hand-Braided Leather, Sterling Silver