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Three Bears Fetish


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A complex, beautifully executed table fetish that conveys traditional lore, by a celebrated fetish carver.

Bears are symbols of protection, powerful strength and hunting abilities.

Here, we have three bears, emerging from, and sitting atop, ancient Anasazi ruins.

Each of the elements is scrupulously carved and detailed, from the realistic forms of the bears and their lightly textured pelts, to the individual adobe bricks in the cliff dwelling, complete with windows and doors.

Notice the finely indicated claws on each bear, and their naturalistic muzzles.

On the back of the dwellings, a spiral symbol of the river or path of life is shown, carved into the facade – and even into the bottom of the carving!

This, like the bears themselves, invokes blessings and good luck.

The piece is caved by hand, from one piece of Picasso marble, which lends its varied brown coloration to both the bears’ fur and the ancient earthen bricks.

Not only is the piece expertly carved, the placement and attitudes of the bears and the cliff dwellings create a dynamic and wonderfully energetic composition.

From any and every angle, this little sculpture looks animated, and interestingly complex.

Another fabulous piece by this acknowledged master carver, ready to protect and bless your home, three times over.

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4" H x 3 1/4" W x 3 7/8" D


Picasso Marble, Turquoise