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Third World Being


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Sheldon Harvey’s work depicts spirit beings from the Navajo creation myth and other ancient traditions. His mixed-media sculptures are made of wood, fabric, feathers, metals, stains, and paint. Each unique sculpture embodies a piece of Navajo folklore and Sheldon’s creative spirit.

This mixed-media sculpture is a Third World Being from Navajo Creation Story. According to the Navajo Creation Story, mankind has progressed through four different worlds. The First World was black, the Second World blue, the Third World yellow, and the Fourth World White. The Third World had six mountains where the holy people lived, and these holy people traveled on rainbows.

The rainbows of the Third World can be seen in this fabulous sculpture.  With bright oranges, pinks, and blues accented with purples and yellows, this figure is certainly eye-catching.

The tablita, or headdress, is tall and elegant atop the beings head, its colors in a vivid fan. Those colors are reflected in the kilt as well, which is toned down a bit with greens and blues and accented by the feathers in each of the being’s hands.

Sheldon’s work is always forward-thinking while still being rooted in tradition, vibrant, and thought-provoking, and this piece is no exception.

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Artist Putty, Acrylic Paint, Feathers, Metal, Wood