“The Target”



Rick is one of those multi-talented artists: actor, sculptor, collagist, painter, and more.

He is known for his decorative, and creative assemblages of found objects and natural materials, and for his unnervingly powerful, close-up portraits of Plains figures.

This latest painting/collage is both a strikingly dramatic and decorative painting, and a double pun.

The picture utilizes ledger painting techniques in depicting the feathered horsemen pursuing buffalo, and a more realistic portrait of a Plains warrior in full regalia.

Torn remnants of paper bags from the retailer “Target” are attached to the canvas, and painted over to resemble the hides that were originally used for depicting exploits.

Riffing on the term “target”, he used the iconic red Target logo, and expanded it to target the individual buffalo – verbal and visual puns brilliantly combined.

Clever, amusing, surprising, creative and dramatic; a dazzling example of virtuoso techniques, and a memorable work of art.

Good art can be fun, too!

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Acrylic Paint, Canvas, Plastic Bags


30 1/2" H x 24 1/2" W