The Rug Weaver

Tim Washburn


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This award-winning artist is a founding member of the Indigenous Sculptors Society, an artist-based group that seeks to maintain the integrity of the art and keep both artists and the public informed.

Tim specializes in sculpting traditional Navajo figures as they were then, and are now.

His detailed pieces display beauty, pride, and dignity, and are exquisite, especially the faces

This beautiful example shows a young woman, holding the rug she has woven. She is all dressed up, perhaps for going to town to sell the weaving.

The alabaster stone is expertly handled, with distinct textures for her hair, her velvet blouse, her pleated broomstick skirt, the rug, and her lovely face.

Look at the ears; absolutely naturalistic, and perfectly proportioned. Her polished face is beautiful, unlike those of many sculptures.

Her delicate features are not overly detailed, yet with finely modeled cheekbones, nose, and mouth.

Her hair, tied in a traditional bun, wrapped with yarn is textured with minute strokes, and jewelry is recognizable, as well.

Although her blouse is draped, over her arms and back, and her skirt is swinging in the wind, the focus of the sculpture is on the lovely head, and the rug.

The gentle rolls of the rug show that it is a heavy material, unlike the skirt.

There is a lot of movement in the piece; the stone is not static, but animated, in a serene way.

Her head is not only turned but also tilted a bit.

She is standing still, but you can feel the wind that plays with her hair ties and skirt, as well as the rug. (The wind usually does, blow, on the reservation land.)

Altogether, this is a splendid piece of great beauty and appeal, by a master of his medium and art.

She is a  wonderful size to display on your mantel, table, shelf,  or desk, where you can enjoy her enchanting allure all the time.

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