“The North Star”

Bennie Nelson (Yellowman)



Known best for his powerful portraits of Plains warriors, this gifted, award-winning artist shows his more contemplative side in this equally masterful, but more serene, work.

As in all his work, the inspiration is his wife’s Kiowa heritage, as seen in the depiction of tepees, rather than Hogans.

High above the encampment, the sky is almost cloudless; a serene blue with just wisps of filmy white, and all is calm and peaceful.

A few birds are barely visible, high in the sky, but there is no sign of other life.

The north star of the title evidently refers to the dramatic design on the red tepee.

That cross-like symbol looks like a prominent star, surrounded by other celestial bodies.

Everyone has experienced a moment like this at some time when the world seems to hold its breath; all is tranquil, and the awe-inspiring beauty of the natural world is all around.

With complete control of the medium, the artist has created a scene of universal appeal.

Meadow grasses, distant trees, and the majestic bulk of mountains are beautifully depicted, as are the structures within the hide-covered tepees.

Ready to hang in your home, this is another hauntingly beautiful work by this noted painter, and advocate for Native causes.

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