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The Long March Overlay Cuff


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A beautiful example of this artist’s favorite interplay play of texture and polish.

The precision of his silver work is one reason for his high reputation; the harmony of his designs is another.

This design is achieved with triple overlay: the dark, textured, silver base; the broader, darkened and textured row of flat-topped stepped motifs; and the polished silver, tapered, step design that marches along the bottom edge, on top of the others.

A remarkable technical feat of skill, but the artistry, and the inspiration for this design, is even more special.

Stepped designs like these usually refer to rain, and also evoke the steps of the underground kivas; good fortune and sacred spaces.

In this bracelet, the artist commemorated the notorious Long March, or Long Walk, of the 1800’s.

The Navajo were forced to relocate, from their lands to Fort Sumner, in eastern New Mexico.

The distance was great, the conditions harsh, and many died along the way.

From this dark incident of history, he has fashioned a thing of beauty and grace.

Like a long line of people trudging along the high desert, the individual stepped designs parade across the bracelet.

The cuff is tapered from narrow to broader, end to end, and the stepped motifs are graduated in height, to conform to the shape of the piece.

In addition, the shadowy forms behind the polished ones add to the sense of a crowd.

This all conveys the illusion of a great number of individuals, stretching out from nearby to the far horizon.

That was the concept behind the cuff, but the handsome design speaks volumes by itself.

The tapered form of the cuff is ergonomic, following the way our wrists are constructed.

Impeccably fabricated, the dark/light, gleaming/rough contrasts bring everything together in a beautifully striking, yet elegantly understated, way.

“Walk in beauty”, as the Navajo say,when you wear this exceptional bracelet.



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Sterling Silver

Cuff Size

5 3/4"

Gap Size

1 1/8"

Wrist Size

6 7/8"


3/4" wide –