“The Guardian of Every Storm in Life”



You may admire Peter Ray James’ unique soft sculptures of horses and buffalo or his vibrant clay masks, but this talented artist is also a painter, and this is our latest.

Titled by the artist himself, this dynamic painting depicts the majestic eagle; Guardian of the Sky, sacred carrier of prayers and hopes up to the heavens, and fierce protector of its own.

According to the artist’s written statement on the back, the eagle will protect you from every storm that life brings you.

That is a statement of faith for him, because he has weathered many a storm, and emerged unscathed.

The precisely painted eagle dominates the upper third of the painting, as the actual bird rules the high reaches of the sky.

An animated series of diagonal lines vividly depicts its soaring flight.

Sweeping swaths of blue and white clouds rush across the canvas, echoing the diagonal curves of the eagle’s wings, and emphasizing the feeling of swift movement and whipping winds.

At the upper left corner, there is a glimpse of the sun, behind a veil of clouds, with wispy sun rays fanning out, repeating the fans of the eagle’s tail and wing feathers.

Down below, the sky turns darker, with irregular forms of lightning darting toward the red rocks at the bottom.

Like the sun’s rays, the lightning also forms a fan-like pattern, as it hovers just above the ground.

And, at the bottom, russet-red cliffs and outcroppings, characteristic of the Navajo lands, reach up toward the stormy sky.

These shapes also ground the painting’s energetic, swooping movement (literally), framing the action with their verticality, and bringing the reddish-brown of the eagle’s coloring down to the bottom of the painting.

Expertly composed and painted with verve, flair, and delicacy, this is a beautiful painting, with an inspiring meaning.

Ready to hang and protect you from your storms, while it brings beauty to your home.

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