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“The Dreamer” Alabaster Sculpture


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Award-winning musician, jeweler and glass artist, Adrian Wall’s stellar reputation began with sculpture, still an important component in his artistic output.

This striking, semi-abstract sculpture features a woman’s face, emerging from sinuous curves that further emphasize femininity and the ephemeral, shifting nature of dreams.

The shape of the silhouette even suggests the form of a woman’s body, while the all-over serpentine lines add to the sense of dreams, shifting and evaporating, like smoke.

Interior forms flow in a series of loops and curls, and feature two spirals. At the bottom, it seems to sweep down from the woman’s hair itself.

At the top, the spiral stands out against an etched, cross-hatched pattern. Lovely contrast between the smooth alabaster spiral and the scratchy texture of the pattern.

A seamless black band curls around the piece, below the woman’s face, like a belt. This sharply contrasts with the glowing, orange hues of the Utah alabaster, but relates to the triangular, black granite base.

The piece is a seamless collection of gracefully curving lines and beautiful rounded shapes, all in luminous warm variations of translucent peach and orange.

Her face is sculpted with sensitivity, and her long hair flows beautifully into the rest of the sculpture.

The dark triangular base is a bold contrast, but relates in color to the band around the torso, and in shape, to the subtle triangle in the bottom spiral.

Integrated in color, undulating curves, and theme, this is a hauntingly evocative sculpture by a recognized master of the art.

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Black Granite, Utah Alabaster


14 3/4" H x 5 1/2"W x 4 1/2" Deep