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Textured Yei Gourd


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“Thanks to my great-grandfather, ( although we were poor ) we had our people’s culture. I got to know my heritage. It’s part of me. I couldn’t be an artist (or even me) without it.” So says David K John, a much-honored Navajo painter.

The stories of Navajo lore, told him by his great-grandfather on the isolated reservation land where David grew up, have remained the inspiration for all his art, in ensuing years.

This appealing gourd mask is a different medium for this prominent painter. It continues his depictions of Navajo spirits, in a modern, creative way.

Painted to resemble a Ye’i, Navajo spirit, the face is colored in four quadrants, representing the balance of nature: sun, water, sky, land, night and day.

The whole gourd was covered with painters’ sand, to achieve the nubbly texture which adds a certain other-worldly indistinctness to the piece.

Natural parrot, and another, feathers top off the colorful interpretation of the benevolent spirit.

Ready to hang on your wall, this rotund and beautifully painted Ye’i will bring sunshine and rain, night and day, in all seasons, in just the right amounts to help you achieve good health, happiness, and prosperity.

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Acrylic Paint, Natural Feathers, Natural Gourd, Painters' Sand


8" W x 5 3/4" L