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Textured Water Spiral Pendant


Narrow, rectangular pendant of silver. Overlaid rectangle of rain-textured light silver, with jagged river line ending in spiral, on bottom of darkened and chiseled base. Polished bail.

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Not your average Native jeweler, this Renaissance man graduated Princeton University, and has moved into video and visual arts, garnering awards, fellowships, and museum shows along the way; including the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, and others.

We still have a very few pieces of his jewelry, from the “olden days” before he concentrated on photography, writing, and filming. This elegant pendant is one of the last.

The Hopi live out in the desert, relying on rain for irrigation, so water is a very sacred element. This pendant features an overlay silver design of a flowing river, ending in a spiral that connotes water, as well as the river of life. The cross motif at the top is a symbol for praying that the blessing of water extends throughout the four corners of the land.

The background of this design is silver, textured in diagonal, parallel bands, like rainfall. The rectangle rests on a bottom layer of silver that has been darkened, for contrast. Looking very closely, you will see that this, too, is chiseled in minute diagonal and parallel lines. The whole pendant honors water and rainfall; a great blessing and very good luck.

Enjoy this pendant for its integrated design, its restrained elegance, and flawless execution. Wearable in almost every circumstance except a grand ball (maybe), this pendant has an unassuming, but unmistakable, presence. And it was created by a major, nationally recognized artist who, however, no longer does jewelry.