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Textured Spiral Dangles


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Growing up amid the many canyons near his Ganado home, Kee was familiar with the petroglyphs on the canyon walls.

In his award-winning jewelry, he emulates the stone-pecked pictures – transforming rock art into wearable art.

An interesting aside is that he not only studied drafting and architecture in college but also became fluent in the Laotian and Thai languages, used in his two-year missionary stint for the Mormon church.

These intriguing dangles look modern, but refer to the symbol for rivers, flowing water, and the path of life, as seen in ancient rock art.

The rounded square spirals are chiseled on top and bottom; the straight lines suggest rainfall.

Textured and darkened, the silver has the craggy, weathered look of rock art.

The earrings are not heavy, despite their glamorous size, and can be worn with the other, plain silver side showing, as well.

Perfect for casual and festive wear, these earrings are sure to be noticed.

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Sterling Silver


2 1/2" L x 1 3/8" W