Textured Silver and Gold Bead Choker


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He was voted “Artist of the Year ” by the Indian Arts and Crafts Association, the industry standard-setter – not once but twice(!) –  as well as receiving many other awards.

Al Joe has always been celebrated for the grace, restraint, and innovation of his designs, as well as the perfection of his workmanship, and the quality of the materials.

This piece is absolutely breathtaking. It demonstrates exceptional creativity, sophisticated artistry and mind-boggling technique.

Alternating satin-finished, individually textured silver, and glistening, solid gold, beads in a much different size, creates a spectacularly striking silhouette.

Look at the silver beads in the close-up photos: they are not merely textured, but swirled on each side, with a softly gleaming, plain band across the middle.

Each bead was swirled by hand, twice. The gold beads are smaller, and solidly glittering.

This contrast, both visual and textural, is gorgeous.

Refined, dramatic in an understated way, and notably elegant, this necklace goes beyond even Al Joe’s usual, award-winning instant classics.

Note that even the hook and eye clasp is hand made.

Embellishing work, school, day, or evening, activities, anywhere in the world, this perfectly hand-wrought necklace is one to wear and wear.

It amortizes beautifully. Like a string of fine pearls, it is timelessly chic  and eminently wearable – now, and into the far future.


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14k Gold, Sterling Silver


18" L | Silver Beads are 1/2" Diameter | Gold Beads are 1/4" Diameter