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Textured Rug Pattern Bolo


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Al Joe has been named “Artist of the Year” by his peers – twice – and has amassed a heap of other, prestigious awards.

He is celebrated for exquisitely precise silver work, and elegant designs that are always perfectly balanced between simplicity and ornamentation. Just like this splendid bolo.

Polished borders, and an overlaid, central band of diamond shapes, gleam brilliantly.

The other, textured areas are a beautiful medley of dark and lighter oxidation, and softly glittering surfaces.

The stepped bands are made by reticulation, an especially tricky technique: minuscule granules of silver are pushed into a design, and then fused with heat from a flame.

A master’s touch is needed, to achieve clarity of form, and avoid resembling melted cheese.

These designs are crisp and clean, since Al is definitely a master silversmith.

The arrangement of diamond and stepped forms resembles the patterns of Navajo rugs. Stepped motifs represent rain, and are traditional, but the overall effect is modern.

Arranged with a lovely symmetry, the design elements maintain serenity and balance, despite all the shapes and textures.

A masterful array of high brilliance and modulated texture, characterizes this quietly magnificent bolo.

Simple, handmade tips, that end in a classic round bead, continue the modern-traditional effect.

The hand-braided cord matches the quality of the bolo, and is flat in the back, for comfort.

With precision and restraint, technical mastery and  superior artistry, this bolo is extraordinary (which is usual for this jeweler!).

It is simple, but elegant; able to embellish a dinner jacket, a business suit, and also a pair of jeans, with equal aplomb.


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Bolo is 2 1/2" L x 1 7/8" W | Cord is 44" L


Hand-Braided Leather, Sterling Silver