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Textured Round Rain Posts


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This prize-winning artist is noted for clean and inventive silver work, and a contemporary twist to traditional designs.

All present and accounted for, in these strikingly handsome earrings.

A notable mixture of traditional Navajo jewelry methods and motifs, virtuoso talent, and modern creativity, these are great looking, on and off the ear.

Well-sized – neither too small, nor too large – these posts combine texture and polished, raised elements that refer to rain and water.

Good luck in the traditional way, good-looking for here and now, too, with a beautiful design and wonderful silver work.

The stepped rain motif is central, sitting beneath a cut-out half -circle that suggests a rainbow. (Where there’s rain and sun, there’s a rainbow, right?)

A trio of horizontal lines below this is oxidized to a subtle gold, like the sun.

Finally, at the bottom, a series of incredibly dainty, delicate arched forms reinforces the rain theme, since they symbolize rainfall.

Standing out from the textured silver, they glisten and gleam, in the light.

Impeccably made, with creative flair and fine workmanship, these earrings are a remarkable blend of the very traditional, transformed into pieces that look right at home today.


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1 1/4"diameter


Sterling Silver