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Textured Petroglyph Bolo


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Avid horseman, rodeo-er, family man, and award-winning jeweler, Cody Hunter is also steeped in the traditions of his Navajo people.

This bolo features a constellation of ancient petroglyph symbols, all relating good luck.

The convex silver is textured to resemble the rock faces these symbols were carved into, originally.

Two gleaming, tapered bands shoot diagonally across the granular surface, like comet trails. One is of 14-karat gold; the other of sterling silver.

They are subtly countered by a narrow chiseled line that bisects the bolo from lower left to upper right.

Applied over the knobbly surface, as are the polished metal bands, are a variety of petroglyph figures, in glistening gold.

There are: a mountain goat, the spiral of water and the path of life, the hand of blessing and protection, an arrowhead, a human figure, several little circles, and two crosses.

The animal represents hunting success and abundance; the arrowhead symbolizes alertness- needed for happy hunting results; the circles refer to the sun, moon, and raindrops.

The crosses signify that these blessings are meant to spread to all four corners of the earth.

With the applied symbols polished to brilliance, against the grainy background, the tips were kept very simple, but also polished brilliantly, to create a  balanced composition.

The leather cord is hand braided, to match the bolo in quality.

Restrained splendor and elegance characterize this bolo, which can go from rodeo to ballroom with aplomb, and everywhere in between, too.

Superior in every way – design, fabrication, and materials – this bolo can be the only one you will need, or a quietly magnificent addition to your  collection.


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Bolo is 3" L x 1 3/4" W | Tips are 3" L x 3/8" diameter | Cord is 44" L


14k Gold, Hand-Braided Leather, Sterling Silver