“Tewa Girl” Kachina


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Victor Trujillo left the oil and gas fields years ago to return to his work as an artist, and we sure are glad that he did.  His carvings are known for their stunningly intricate details, and contemporary feel, and his work is in museums and collections worldwide.

This “Tewa Girl”, as the artist has dubbed her, is a representation of the Hano Mana kachina, who “appears in the Bean Dance on Second Mesa and in the Water Serpent Ceremony on First Mesa.”

Every detail has been thought about, from the carved strands of her hair that make it look as though it is moving, to the graceful clasp of her fingers around the feathers she holds.  Looking at her, it is easy to see why Victor has won many awards for his work.

Her long hair falls gracefully down her back, and feathers adorn it near her face.  Turquoise earrings grace either side of her face, and two turquoise, coral and clamshell necklaces lay around her neck.  Her shawl looks as though it has been caught in the wind, you can almost feel the breeze flowing around her.

She stands elegantly atop and small, detailed, ancestral cliff dwelling, with every adobe brick visible, along with window and door openings.

A little toothpick ladder emerges from the round, underground kiva, to complete the astoundingly realistic details of the whole figure.

This artist is noted for the exquisite grace and accuracy of the details he carves and paints, and this Tewa Girl is an excellent example of his work.

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2 1/2"


Dead Cottonwood Root, Acrylic Paint