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Ten-Strand Olive Shell Heishi


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This lady is a prize-winning heishi maker: An age-old form of jewelry, brought up-to-date by modern tools and artistic vision.

Heishi – disks or tubes of shell or stone – used to be laboriously drilled on hand made pump drills, which you twirled like a top, and polished between pieces of rough bark.

Now, dental drills can create minuscule beads that are machine-buffed to a satiny gleam and smoothness. But, there is still a pile of broken debris at the end, just like centuries ago.

Chocolate-y brown baby olive shell is mixed with lighter hues, forming ten strands of silken heishi. Each tiny bead is so small, that all ten strands are no thicker than a single strand of small silver beads.

It looks lovely by itself, plays beautifully with other necklaces, and can even support a pendant.

Light as a feather, classic, tailored, casual; any way you wear it, this necklace will be a regular favorite.

Whether twisted, like the photo, or loosely draped, this is a timeless and amazingly versatile necklace.


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Natural Olive Shell, Natural White Clamshell


29 1/4"