Teardrop Turquoise Ring


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Dina started drawing, as a child, then was taught bead work, her tribe’s most noted skill, by an aunt. As an adult, her husband, the late, lamented Navajo jeweler, Herbert Taylor , had her assist him in cutting and inlaying stones.

For the last twenty-plus years, she has produced her own, eagerly collected, prize-winning jewelry.

She shows her work at the Santa Fe Indian Market, and the Heard Museum Market, the top two Indian art shows in the country.

This dazzling ring features a gorgeous, egg-shaped, natural Kingman water web turquoise. The lacy web resembles the shape of water drops, on a surface.

Plump and rounded, the stone is the clear, lovely blue associated with the Kingman mine. The beautifully designed silver setting emphasizes the graceful shape of the turquoise.

Employing the water theme, the silver border is cut into a series of stepped, overlaid rain signs. The base silver is chiseled into myriad tiny lines, like rainfall.

Plain and polished, the border glistens as if wet, while the chiseled area inside it has a different, but also brilliant, texture.

The overlaid shank continues the rain symbols design; the polished motifs again gleam, over a textured base.

Both the exceptional stone and the silver work are radiant, in their own ways, reflecting light, color, harmony, skill, and remarkable beauty.


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Natural Kingman Turquoise, Sterling Silver

Ring Size

6 3/4


Face is 1 1/4" H x 7/8"W, Shank is 3/8" to 1/4" W