“Tear of Compassion” Ring

George Phillips


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For over 25 years, Hopi Silversmith George Phillips has been crafting beautiful and intricate jewelry.  This stunning ring is no exception.

At its center is the tear, a pure and delicate blue with a hint of matrix in the middle, a wish for compassion among the people of the world.  Surrounding the beautiful piece of natural Ithaca turquoise are Hopi overlay symbols for water, reminding us that water is necessary for growth, and beckoning us to grow and develop compassion as human beings.

The high polish of the top layer of silver contrasts beautifully with the oxidized bottom layer, bringing dimension and life to the shank of the ring.  It complements the gorgeous stone, and neither the stone nor the silver fight with one another for attention.  Rather, they work in harmony to showcase the talent and craftsmanship of this accomplished artist.

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Ring Size

6 1/2


Natural Ithaca Turquoise, Sterling Silver