Tasap Kachina


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This is one of the kachinas inspired by another tribe, that the Hopi have assimilated for themselves. Supposedly a “Navajo”, the Tasap appear in the spring, dancing in a line. The feathered headdress is a characteristic, as is the Navajo-style necklace.

This carving is made by hand, of course, in the old style, with minimal realism. It is meant to hang on the wall of a home, in the Native way, so there is a string attached to the back. He will not stand on his own, but you could put him on a plexiglass stand.

A very winsome, unusual kachina. Signed “m b”, but we don’t recall the maker’s name.

Cottonwood, Paint, Natural Feathers, Yarn

Width: 6″ Height: 10″ Depth: 1 3/4″