Tapered Turquoise Arrowhead Pendant


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Scrupulously exact silver work surrounds and sets off a beautiful turquoise, in a serenely harmonious pendant.

That meticulous and skillful workmanship serves a superb, natural, Pilot Mountain turquoise, in a deep, rich green, with autumn-leaf brown matrix.

The stone is surrounded by incredibly regular, chiseled lines that form a graduated border of stylized feathers, which represent prayers and hopes. Alvin calls it his “Arrowhead” pendant.

The gorgeous stone is set in a narrow shadowbox, edged with an understated, small, toothed bezel.

Both the turquoise and the silver feathers were set separately, over the silver base of the pendant.

The top part of the pendant is slightly curved, replicating the rounded edge of the hand-cut stone.

The bail is a good size to accommodate beads, as well as heishi, a collar, or whatever you choose. It is 3/8=inch in diameter.

Not just an appendage, the bail is also chiseled in a fan design, echoing the lines on the pendant, itself.

It is also slightly scalloped on the edges, back, and front, following the chiseled lines.

Like the cherry on a sundae, there is a little silver circle applied on top of the bail.

The workmanship by this fabulous silversmith is, as always, beyond impeccable; Alvin is the best, jeweler you may not have heard of.

He is reserved, and shy, despite having won the Best of Division award at the Heard Museum Show, the first and only, time he was persuaded to enter. He also won awards at Santa Fe Indian Market, when he was urged to enter there.

His work speaks volumes about his artistic sense of design, choice of premium quality stones, and, of course, his unbelievable skill with metals.

Understated, like the artist, this pendant rewards the connaisseur with its tranquil perfection and the beauty of the magnificent stone.

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