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Tapered Olla with Turquoise Heishi


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Elegance is the overriding quality of Caroline Carpio’s pottery; that, and expert control of the medium.

Winner of many awards, and an exclusive fellowship to study pottery-making in Japan, this artist has turned to making bronzes of her pottery, in recent years.

So, we are especially pleased to have this stunning, graceful, hand made clay original.

The exquisite form is beautifully tapered, with a flawless stone polish, which makes the pot “polished” in every sense of the word!

An impressed band of mirror-image triangles, around the neck, is the only decoration in the clay.

Circling the pot, between the two rows of triangular shapes, is a narrow band of turquoise heishi, interspersed with tiny gold beads.

The triangles refer to mountains, and the earth, the turquoise symbolizes water and sky, and the gold represents the sun.

These are all traditional elements, which add up to the balance of nature, resulting in prosperous harvests, happiness, health, and abundance.

The clay comes from the region of Caroline’s Isleta Pueblo and is notable for the marvelous softness of its feel – almost as delicious as a baby’s skin.

With impeccable workmanship, and a tasteful, refined esthetic, this quietly gorgeous pot is typical of the artist’s work.

This pot is dazzling in its restrained perfection, and purity of form, design, and finish.

It is an older piece of Caroline’s, made before she started making bronze editions of her pieces, so the price is also an older one.

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14k Gold, Hand Processed Local Clay, Turquoise Heishi


5 3/8" H x 4 3/4" Diameter