Tapered Inlaid Band

Veronica Benally


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This highly reputed artist is known for her beautifully made, chic, wearable and well-designed pieces – just like this colorful ring. Corn row inlay features a range of purples in spiny oyster shell, complemented by natural red coral and spiced with bright blue turquoise.


The sterling band is tapered asymmetrically, a unique feature that sets this band apart from most others. On either side of the inlaid stones, an overlaid design shows up against a darkened background. The interior is smoothly polished and flat, fitting comfortably around your finger.


Rich color, chic, tailored and contemporary, with traditional and “new” materials; a winning combination. Beautiful, and suitable for all, even men.



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Natural Coral, Purple Spiny Oyster Shell, Sterling Silver, Turquoise

Ring Size

9 3/4


3/8" down to 1/4" wide