Tapered Cuff with Square Coral


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Zen-like perfection in one supremely elegant bracelet.

Exquisite simplicity of design, a gem-quality natural red coral, and impeccable execution add up to jewelry that is exceptional, but utterly wearable every day.

The splendiferous, natural red coral cabochon is cut into a rounded square and pillowed, gleaming with a high polish.

It sits in a silver bezel that has only four cuts, one on each side, corresponding to the four corners of the earth.

Natural deep red coral is now considered a gemstone, because it is increasingly difficult to find.

Coral reefs are suffering worldwide, making fine coral more and more rare – and expensive.

The cuff itself is a marvel of the silversmith’s art.

Tapered to fit the wrist ergonomically, with the narrower side to the outside, it is meticulously chiseled.

The edges are divided into two sparkling bands; the center, which follows the tapered form, is corrugated, with myriad parallel lines placed very close together.

There is a space on either side for a more traditional stamped design, and then the parallel lines resume, to the very ends of the cuff.

Deceptively simple, this bracelet showcases remarkable expertise, as well as artistry.

The silver work forms the beautiful background for that magnificent piece of coral, and both elements form a gorgeous whole.

This is luxury you can enjoy every day, so it amortizes very quickly.

The bracelet becomes luxurious in materials, design and technique, not, ultimately, in price.

A true jewel.

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