Tan Overlaid Glass “Sea Rock”


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Tony is perhaps the only major Native glass artist who creates exclusively in hot-blown glass, each piece formed at the end of a twirling rod.

He has won many awards for his glass art, which is in permanent museum collections, as well as private collections, internationally.

After starting as a potter, then studying at a prestigious, non-Native art school, he assisted the great Dale Chihuly in his famed glass studio, in Pilchuk, Washington.

Tony founded a glass studio/school in Taos, to train Native, and other,  at-risk youths. Some are now award-winners, themselves.

This abstract form is part of his new “boulder” series. It looks as if it is lying at the bottom of a river, or the sea, with glistening water washing over it.

The organically formed clear glass, that flows in uneven ridges over the flattened piece, was applied over the smooth, tinted base, while it was still on the hot rod.

One side is solid, while the other has an opening, where it was blown onto the rod, while molten. The warm, earthy colors come from different chemicals, added to the glass.

On this side, it is encircled with lines of gentle turquoise and soft, pink-ish taupe. These were “painted” on the glass as it twirled on the rod.

In a final stage, the clear glass was blown over the piece, while still on the rod. Each side is distinctive, allowing you to display it in diverse ways.

Since the “boulder” is hollow, and glass, the open neck allows it to serve as a unique vessel for flower arrangements.

So, not just a handsome work of art, this intriguing piece can even be of practical use, too.

Innovative and fascinating, in concept and form, this is a handsome, distinguished piece of art glass by an internationally celebrated artist.


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