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Tall Wood Vase


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Malcolm Cheromiah is noted as a painter, as well as a kachina carver.

Now, he has branched out to an art form that is a fusion of both skills: carving bowls and vases from wood, and decorating them with paint. it is entirely hand made, of course.

This imposing vase was carved from one, solid chunk of wood. It is decorated with designs more often seen on pottery.

Stylized feathers around the waist, fine line and stepped rain symbols, and triangular forms are among the traditional elements, painted in the same colors you would see on Laguna pottery, for instance.

The white, russet and black are manipulated with precision and flair, to emphasize the shape of the piece, and create a lively, but contained composition.

It is always refreshing and noteworthy to see an artist go beyond the accustomed and usual, stretching his or her artistic muscles.

Malcolm’s artistic gift cannot be contained in one medium; we are pleased to see him extend his artistry to yet another, in this striking and majestic vase.

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Painted Wood


11" H x 4 1/4" Diameter