Tall Two-Tone Cornstalk Jar


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Her prize-winning pottery family taught her their tradition of swirl pottery, but Marcella branches out into her own styles, as well.

Seen here, a magnificent, tall jar that combines carving, stone polish, micaceous clay slip, and an etched cornstalk design.

Majestic in size and restrained design, this jar stands over a foot tall.

This size is quite difficult to achieve with the traditional coil-and smooth method that she uses.

The proportions are beautiful, and the pot has an imposing presence.

The artful combination of dark red, Jemez clay and lighter, sparkly mica slip is both harmonious and visually arresting.

Plain surfaces alternate with carved ribs, both polished and micaceous.

On the front, stone-polished panel, a graceful cornstalk has been etched, contrasting prettily with the beige base clay.

The base of the cornstalk is a stepped rain design, suggesting the need for water to produce thriving crops.

This is a powerful good luck symbol and is repeated in the stepped neck of the piece.

With its stately grandeur, marvelous harmony of carved lines and rich color, and delicate decoration, this is a majestic work by an established artist.

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Clay Slips, Natural Clay




6 1/8"