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Tall Smiling Antler Bear


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Claudia’s inspiration comes from her maternal grandfather, George Haloo CheeChee, her grandmother, Rosalia Quam, other uncles, and her late brother Colvin Peina.

She carves appealing, award-winning fetish animals that are somehow cuddly, despite the rigid antler material. Antlers are naturally shed, so the animal was not necessarily hunted.

This cheerful, carefree bear is a good size for display. He stands sturdily and tall,  greeting you with a friendly smile. The antler is polished to a lovely sheen, and is wonderful to caress.

His eyes are sparkling bits of obsidian, and he wears a “heishi” necklace of supposed shell and turquoise beads.

The turquoise crescents are set in between some of the carved out lines, representing the shell beads, in the front. The lines delineating the others are carved out and darkened.

Paws at his sides, the claws are also darkened and etched, as are his toes. His nose is burned, for contrast.

With a charmingly stocky paunch, and that delightful smile, he will bring you cheer, as well as the protection and good luck that bears symbolize.









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Natural Elk Antler, Obsidian, Turquoise


4 1/2" H x 2" W x 1 3/4" Deep