Tall Red Micaceous Swirl Jar


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Granddaughter, daughter, niece, and cousin of other Yepa potters, Marcella uses the red and beige clays of her Jemez Pueblo area.

This beautifully shaped jar was inspired by squash or gourds,in the past, but the artist has twirled the ribs to create a modern look.

This swirl of movement, and the subtle contrast of faintly sparkly, micaceous clay slip and polished red clay, gives the piece a dramatic and contemporary aspect.

It is of hand-gathered, stone-polished natural clay and micaceous clay slip, each swirl separately finished.

The whole was coiled and carved by hand and pit-fired,  totally traditionally.

This jar has a commanding presence and its quality shows from any angle.

A tall beauty by an accomplished, award-winning potter. Imagine it on a mantel or shelf. If you have a display niche with lighting, it will wow!


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