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Tall Rain Woman with Tablita


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A gorgeous, colorful sculpture by this internationally acclaimed artist.

He was awarded the prestigious commission to create a piece representing the state of New Mexico for the National Statuary Hall in the Capitol Building, in Washington, D.C.

His monumental marble statue of Pope, the leader of the Pueblo Revolt of 1680, is the only work by a Native American artist in the collection.

This graceful marble sculpture is also monumental in effect, although scaled for display in home or office.

The elegant simplicity of form allows the masterful mix of materials to shine, while the piece radiates powerful serenity.

Golden calcite glows like the sun, while the lustrous black marbles are dark as night.

Glittering bands of white marble, around the lively black and white pattern of Zebra marble .separates the two extremes, while tawny Afghan limestone brings in earth tones.

This is both artistic and symbolic: the figure represents rain, as seen in the rain and cloud plaques at the bottom, along with sun (represented by the calcite), to nourish the land both day and night.

The tablita, has star and rain cut-outs, within the same three materials, – white marble, figured black and white marble, in earth-toned limestone.

The beautifully formed face and long hair are wonderfully polished to a high gloss.

Around her neck, two bands of burgundy-hued Turkish marble border another band of patterned black and white, with a dainty necklace of real turquoise heishi and pendant.

A dot of natural red coral echoes the bright corals in the macaw feathers around her waist.

These emerge from strands of gleaming, golden artificial sinew, in a creative allusion to a medicine bundle.

A true sculpture, this figure is beautiful from the back, as well.

Beneath the tablita, the three-dimensional long hair is a lovely oval of satiny, gleaming black marble, while at the bottom sits the same plaque of white clouds, turquoise heishi, stormy black and white marble, and limestone, carved into rainfall, as seen on the front.

Stately, powerful, graceful, and glowing with wonderfully contrasting color and materials, this is a magnificent piece by an internationally recognized, master artist.

Can abstract simplicity be magnificent? This sculpture proves it can.

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Coral, Afghan Limestone, Artificial Sinew, Burgundy Turkish Marble, Italian Black Marble, Mongolian Black Marble, Natural Macaw Feathers, Natural Turquoise, Utah Calcite, Utah Zebra Marble, White Greek Marble