Tall Polychrome Vase

Efren Quezada


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Paquime Indian farmer Juan Quezada discovered shards of prehistoric pottery while plowing a northern Mexican field in the 1970's, and learned through trial and error how to replicate his ancestors' achievements. Now, his family, and his whole village, are one of the world's magnets for pottery collectors. Related to the Native culture of the southwest (many fled the resumption of Spanish rule after the Pueblo Revolt failed, in the late 1600's), the traditional designs of the Mata Ortiz potters are similar to those of Pueblo pottery. The basic techniques are the same: hand gathered and mixed clay, coiled, smoothed, scraped, stone polished at times, painted with natural clay and vegetal pigments, and pit fired.This vase is beautifully formed, with elegant proportions. The mellow palette of cream and red clay is pleasing to the eye, as is the delicate, meticulously painted design. The decoration resembles woven sashes, flung around the jar, and emphasizing the opulent form. Notice the stepped form of the neck and the stylized feathers, so familiar in Pueblo pieces. A handsome pot of impressive size and fine execution, at a great price!

Natural Clay, Natural Pigments

Width: 8 1/2″ Height: 12″ Diameter: 8 1/2″