Tall Polychrome Vase


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Gloria Kahe was born into the Navajo Nation in 1951 and is a member of the Water Clan. She is a Navajo who married Samuel Kahe, a Hopi from Polacca, the lower village at First Mesa. Samuel Kahe is a member of a Hopi family of famous potters. Gloria learned from one of the respected masters of clay of the Hopi reservation, her mother-in-law, the Arizona Living Treasure, Marcella Kahe, and has been making pottery since 1986. Gloria is so steeped in Hopi tradition that she and her family have been accepted as Hopi potters for years.  Even authorities on Hopi pottery list Gloria Kahe among the Hopi potters because she is married into the Hopi tribe and because she adheres to the traditional ways.

Her pottery is Hopi in materials, hand-coiling technique, hand-painting, hand polishing, and appearance. She has developed her own designs on pottery so she can establish a style all her own. Her cross-cultural influences and fine workmanship cause her pottery to be in demand.

This unique and expertly crafted vase is a true testament to Gloria’s skill.  Smaller at the bottom and gently tapering out toward the top, the vase is well balanced and intriguing.  But that is not where the amazing craftsmanship ends. The top of the vase is covered with a flat, permanent lid, which forms into a thin neck where the opening to the pot is.

Made from natural, hand-dug Hopi clay, and built using traditional Hopi methods, this stunning piece is truly one-of-a-kind!

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Natural Clay Paint, Natural Clay, Natural Slip


5 1/2"