Tall Painted Cone

Benjamin Ahn-Hia-Ohm Nelson


Unique, tall, tapered, painted paper cone: petroglyph figures with sheep, Kiowa angels, multicolored stars, russet background moving to silver at top.


An award-winner since he was 7-years-old, this prodigiously talented painter is now all grown up, but continues to amaze us with his creativity.

Ben’s mother is Kiowa; his Navajo father is the well-known painter, Yellowman.

This tall cone is a painting in-the-round, and uniquely combines his dual heritage.

Southwestern petroglyph figures and sheep, closely associated with the Navajo nation, dance around the lower area.

They segue into a flock of Kiowa angels, floating among stars at the silvery top.

No matter which way you turn it, this conical painting rewards the eye; perfect for displaying out in the open, or refreshing your visual pleasure by rotating it on a shelf or mantel.

The scene is wintry – the stars might even be snowflakes – so this would make a wonderful addition to your refined holiday decor.

However, the scenes are timeless, and the colors varied and vivid.

It will make an unusual and decorative addition to your home all year long.

A wonderfully creative idea, painted with panache and skill, this unique version of a painting will excite conversation, admiration, and embellish your home  for years to come.

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