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Tall Eagle Kachina


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Eagles are the Guardians of the Sky, representing power, strength, and conveyed prayers, and this elegant eagle kachina looks as if it might reach that far. Over two feet tall, tapered and abstract, this eagle carving looks very simple at first glance, but is also full of impressive detail.

Of course, the head is authentic in color and markings, so that the eagle dancers can be recognized at ceremonies. The full evergreen ruff is rigid wood, but looks fluffy; intricately carved and painted. The pouf of feathers at the back of the head is made up of many, individually formed, fragile shavings of cottonwood root, saved from carving the figure itself. Long feathers standing up from, and on top of, the head are precisely carved and etched on both sides. Two long, blue, carved feathers appear on the front of the smooth, tapered body, also intricately etched and beautifully formed. Similar feathers are placed at the base, on either side of the carved Sunface.

A wing of gracefully graduated feathers is etched and painted on either side of the kachina, with a triangular fan of tail feathers painted and etched in the back. The expert painting makes the feathers look as if they were three-dimensional. At the back, there is a colorful shield, that also looks three-dimensional, but is etched and painted. Topping off the figure, is a four-strand necklace of real heish, vibrantly hued in multi-colors. matching earrings hand from the kachina’s red ears.

With his head looking up, toward the heavens where he flies, this unusual and uncommonly graceful kachina is wonderfully imposing; full of restrained power, dignity, and the majesty of this king of birds. And also, an extremely handsome work of art.

Cottonwood, Paints

Width: 5 1/4″ Height: 26″ Depth: 7 1/4″