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Tall Cream and Red Vase


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An imposing, stately, highly decorative jar/vase (No water, Please!) by a relative of Juan Quezada, the celebrated man who rediscovered the historic pottery of the Paquimé people of northern Mexico.

Originally, the inhabitants of the Casas Grande area were refugees from the Pueblos of what is now New Mexico, fleeing the return of Spanish rule, after the Pueblo revolt of 1680. Since Juan Quezada’s discovery of antique pottery shards in his field, in around 1970, this village has become famous for hand made pottery that has become more and more sophisticated and precise. As seen in this large and lovely piece.

Using the same methods as their Pueblo cousins to the north, the clay is gathered, mixed, coiled, smoothed, decorated with natural clay slips, and pit-fired. This majestic piece is adorned with a series of sash-like swirls, decorated in turn with a series of little squares and rectangles in a profusion of variations. The effect is like an overlay of lace on the russet base. With its stepped top, the designs resemble Pueblo motifs, yet are tweaked by the artist in his own interpretations.

Thin-walled, large, mellow in color, but dramatic in size and effect, this jar is a beautifully  fabricated piece that will attract attention – justly. If made – the same way – in the American southwest, it would cost four times the price. Viva la diferencia in national economies!

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Natural Clay and clay Slip




8 1/2" diameter